Lawn Patrol (neighborhood walks)

Lawn Patrol

Surfrider came up with the name Lawn Patrol as a play on "Dawn Patrol," when surfers head out at dawn to check out the waves. Lawn Patrol heads out a little later in the morning, but it's still look for waves: waves of change in landscaping. The idea is to:

  • Start at an existing Ocean Friendly Garden to identify what makes it one: CPR, or Conservation, Permeability & Retention. We will be led by G3 (Green Gardens Group) and joined by Surfrider OFG volunteers and the owner of the garden. OFG volunteers will be trained how to lead future Patrols.
  • Walk nearby neighborhoods to check out other gardens to help you develop an eye for what makes it OFG or not.
  • If someone has all the elements, we could leave some literature about applying for an OFG Sign- if a garden has the C and P, but not the R (e.g., it has mulch and some climate appropriate plants, but no rain water retention feature(s)), we could leave a note offering to help bring it up to CPR. If the person is home, we could talk with him/her.

It's good practice for you - For those gardens that have "opportunities" to implement CPR, we will ask Lawn Patrol participants to identify them to build their competence and confidence that they could identify the same at their own home.

The walks will take about 2 hours, including several stops and accounting for a any elevation change. The overall route is typically about 1/2 mile.

West LA/Malibu Chapter
When: Friday, November 26, 10am-12noon
Start: 604 Rose Ave., Venice, CA 90291 - map
Finish: we'll pick a local cafe to eat, drink and continue the conversation

We'll start at 604 Rose Ave., the site of an Ocean Friendly Garden built by Surfrider volunteers and OFG Class attendees. We'll review the design elements of the IFG, then walk the neighborhood with us, learning to identify:

  • climate appropriate plants
  • proper mulching techniques
  • rainwater downspout (re)direction
  • other ways to minimize water use and pollution

RSVP if you can to help cuz it helps us with planning: