Natives and Non-Natives

Native & Non-Native Plants

Surfrider's national plant list
Click here. Note: we are preparing to fix the plant list so that there are no invasive listed.

For Californians, you can enter your zip code at this website to get a list of native plants suited for your area. According to the Theodore Payne Foundation:
  • "90% of all insect species can eat only plants native to their region. Think of the food web support that native plants provide, since most non-domesticated land animals depend on insects in some way for survival!
  • 35 times more caterpillars - that's how much baby bird food a native plant garden produces compared to a non-native garden. Want an L.A. with a variety of butterflies and moths? Plant the natives that provide essential forage for caterpillars and nectar for the adults!"
You can find a list of non-natives at this website.