Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you plan your garden re-do. Copy and paste it into Word document.

Garden Assistance Program Questionnaire

Name of applicant -

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Day and Nighttime Phones:

Please note that because we are a volunteer group, we need several months to complete the process of reviewing applications, selecting sites, and organizing for our GAP Days. Approximate date when you think your garden will be ready for the GAP Workday?


Who’s doing your garden’s design? You? A professional?

You understand that our partners in the OFG Program, G3 (, will be reviewing your design to ensure it applies CPR: Conservation, Permeability and Retention?

Submit a to-scale design drawing (show the actual size of the plants, and include irrigation). You can email it to the Regional OFG Coordinator, and it will be forwarded to the Chapter Sub-Com't Chair:

Site Information

In addition to the drawing, please provide info on current conditions:

1. Size of the site in approximate square footage.

2. Rainwater catchment, water features (pool).

3. A general description of the site: for example; any slope, trees, etc.

4. What plants that are currently there will remain and what, if any, removed.

Soil Life

What type of soil do you have? Use the information provided in class and online to perform a soil-test (

Is the soil compacted? To determine you’ll have to perform a percolation test (or two or more). Again this was covered in the class and is listed online.

Contact Dig Alert to have they mark utility lines. Have you contacted them (call 811)?

Rainwater: Slow It, Spread It, Sink It...or Capture It!

Are there rain gutters?

Are there downspouts or rain chains?

Where will you direct rainwater: Dry streambed? Above or below ground barrels or cistern?


Describe current system, if you have one, and how the garden will be watered?


What percentage of the plants will be native, climate appropriate and/or edible?


What, if any, of the following tools do you own, can borrow and/or rent?

__ mattock (~hoe + pick ax) __ shovel __ rake _broom

__ wheelbarrow __ trowels __hose __ flow-control nozzle

Workday Helpers

How many friends/family members do you think might be available to participate in the Workday?

Will you need a sample letter to give to your neighbors & friends to explain about the Workday?

We’ll notify Surfrider members and OFG Program participants for volunteers.

Documenting Your Work

We’d like to see the evolution of your garden. If you have any old and/or current pictures of the site, please share some with us, so we can get a sense of what’s involved and so we can later post them on the website to track your success.

I, (your signature) _________________________, intend to build and maintain my OFG, share with neighbors, and work on at least one other project within 12 months of completion of my project.