2011 Hands-On Workshops (HOWs)

Hands-On Workshops (HOWs)

A Hands-On Workshops (HOWs) is the next step after the Basics Class, applying the the principles and practices learned in the Class (CPR: Conservation, Permeability and Retention). The HOWs also help grow a cadre of sustainable landscape practioners who can help the movement expand, whether teaching the HOWs or providing a site evaluation service to clients. These workshops are 3-hour trainings on one of the topics listed below and are part of a sustainable landscaping toolkit. While the Site Evaluation HOW is entirely outdoors, the others typically have 1 hour in-class and 2 hours outside. Topics, or “tools,” covered include:

  • Site evaluation and analysis - calculating the water use of the existing landscape and a low-water use one as well as the rainwater harvesting potential.
  • Turf removal, sheet mulching and soil remediation.
  • Rainwater capture and rain garden design.
  • Proper planting & installation of drip irrigation & correct installation & programming of weather-based irrigation controllers.
  • Stewardship (maintenance).

Next steps you may decide to after a HOW:
  • Attend a Surfrider Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday.
  • Apply what you have learned at your home or someone elses.
  • Hire a professional who understands OFG and CPR. Click here for a list of professionals certified by G3 and by the City of Santa Monica or consult professional associations.

Who should attend – considering doing it yourself, landscaping professionals, government employees or regular folks who want to be able to communicate with a professional they hire.

Note: You must wear closed-toe shoes to participate.

Everyone must sign aliability waivers, and those under

18 years-of-age should get one signed before coming

to the event.

Upcoming HOWs

Nothing scheduled at the moment, but in the works!

Past HOWs

HOWs have been held throughout Southern California, and here's a few highlights:

Lawndale Library - 14615 Burin Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260. Click here for a map.
1,300 sq. ft. of lawn was converted into a beautiful OFG (natives plants surround raised vegetable garden beds) that reduces water use by 80%. Congrats to all those who made it happen:
South Bay Surfrider OFG group member and Senior Librarian, Melissa McCollum for her hard work and leadership; OFG Basics Class attendees, Surfrider members, Master Gardeners; The Green Gardens Group and their contractors; Matching grant from West Basic MWD. Now the Teen Friends of the Library will be in charge of maintaining it.
NOTE - the garden site is actually on Grevillea Ave., which is one street to the west/toward the ocean.
Click here for great photos of the HOWs and GAP Workdays that helped create it.

West Basin Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo (1935 S. Hughes Way, El Segundo, CA)

  • Installed a stormwater capture chamber to detain and infiltrate water from 2,000 square feet of roof (product: Ecorain). We'll spend some time "in class" and the rest out in the garden installing the chambers. You’ll be able to figure out how to capture water at your own home. Fee waived – and it’ll be fun. It's our first one, so we're not sure how long it will run.
  • Installing native plants and following proper soil, water and space protocols for success.
  • Installed drip irrigation system.
  • Click here for before-and-after pictures of a HOW site. Click here for a link to a map to go and see it.

Residential site in Culver City

  • Installed elements like those listed above.