List of Professionals

Here is a list of professionals:

Green Gardens Group (G3) certified landscape professionals
"The G3 Attainable Sustainable Module Series has been developed to provide design professionals involved in the planning, installation, and maintenance of landscapes in the Los Angeles area with practical, timely, and compelling knowledge of the eco-restorative practices underlying sustainable landscape design. Our constituent group includes designers, architects, planners, contractors, gardeners, consultants, water suppliers, and water auditors.

The G3 Attainable Sustainable Module Series curriculum is designed to provide up-to-date information about the latest environmental issues, as well as cutting-edge techniques and restorative practices to convert landscapes into functioning urban-forest models." -from G3's website

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City of Santa Monica certified

“The following landscape companies have participated in a familiarization training course conducted by the City’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment. The course outlines the City’s recommendations for sustainable landscape design, installation and maintenance procedures. These companies have agreed to offer sustainable landscape choices to their clients and to comply with the City’s municipal code in all areas of their work within the City. Companies are listed in alphabetical order within each classification. No recommendation or endorsement is made or implied by inclusion in this list. These companies must renew their training annually to remain on this list. Training courses are held twice yearly. Companies listed as Certified have at least one employee who has completed a certification program in landscape water management.”

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
LVMWD lists those certified by the: Irrigation Association, Cal Landscape Contractors Association, G3 as wells as "local landscape professionals with water conservation certifications."
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